About ARCH

ARCH is a European manufacturer of LED screen and lighting solutions. Quality and Reliability are the reasons why we decided to fully manufacture the products for our customers, in our factories of Europe, so that we can monitor and control quality. This is why we choose the best equipment and machines for our manufacturing lines. Our own Engineers and Designers constantly work to conceive new products, from the electronic side to the mechanic one through multifunctional teams, in the LED screen area as well as in the Dynamic Lighting one. They also upgrade our current ranges, so that the ARCH group always provides our customers with the best quality. We adapt to your needs and develop solution for your project. Thanks to our organization, we are really able to provide our customers with an A-Z total solution, from the early conception to the installation. Therefore we are always present during the process to guarantee a smooth installation, with our teams and local partners. Our highly skilled expert teams of designers, project managers, supervisors, installation and commission engineers remain available and pleased to give you full support. We build and share time schedules, follow up reports, daily communication, with our customers, through a strong project management.

Building on its success with this first product, ARCH creates a comprehensive range to meet the demand for all types of applications. The biggest names of the European market requires ARCH to develop tailor made screens with specific requirements to harsh environments. ARCH is known for easy adapting and innovating the product lines and the manufacturing of tailor made products. Today ARCH is essentially active in the architectural fixed installation indoors and outdoors.

ARCH has always focused on innovation in the "think differently" approach several innovations were brought by ARCH: Passive cooling system, no noise and fan-less displays, light screens, magnetic indoor displays, displays with white front face and contrast, LED power management in Video, control RGB LED W video, and its not over. We continue to develop and innovate in order to make this technology a "Must Have " in the interior and exterior architecture of tomorrow.